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Dalyan is an aquatic paradise with its world-famous Iztuzu Beach, its Caretta Caretta turtles and its Lycian monuments.
Whether you are seeking beach relaxation, family fun or action-packed days out enjoying southern Turkey's spectacular climate, Dalyan has it all.  For the restless, you can chose from scuba diving, deep sea fishing, white water rafting, paragliding, trekking and mountain biking.  You can take boat trips from Dalyan harbour out around the coast, or to the long white sandy beach.  Of particular interest are the protected loggerhead turtles that nest there.  Excellent day trips can be booked through tourist information offices including jeep safaris into the valley, visits to mosques and swimming in the lake.  Romantic evening strolls around the harbour are a must, followed by a meal of locally caught seafood or the speciality spicy lamb and cracked wheat.  Dalyan boasts some excellent restaurants and bars along its riverfront.  If you are looking for a reasonabley priced restaurant in Dalyan you could visit Eylul restaurant, or for a traditional Turkish breakfast you could try Sakli Bahce with views over the Dalyan river to the famous rock tombs.
The ancient city of Kaunos was founded by the legendary King of the same name.  The rock-cut tombs are the architectural masterpiece of the people of Kaunos and date to 6th century B.C.  At Kaunos you can see a Roman theater and the romains of Roman baths, temples and defense walls.
Sultaniye Spa
The underground spring that bubbles up to the surface on the shore of Lake Koycegiz is famous for its mud baths.  It is said that bathing is the special pools can cure rheumatism, sciatica and various other skin conditions.  Lie in the hot, sulfuric waters and let the mud cover your entire body, then let it dry.
Iztuzu (Turtle) Beach
A beautiful arc of fine golden sand stretching from the base of a pine clad mountain to a river delta.  Even the narrowest point of the beach is 50 metres wide.  There are no houses, shops or hotels in sight but you will find cafes, cabins and sunbeds.  Food is limited to sandwich snacks, bottled and canned drinks, including foreign beer.  There is also a stall where local style pancakes are made which are really nice.
Arc of golden sand at Iztuzu (Turtle) Beach in Dalyan
Dalyan's Turtle Beach
The beach is very long and covered with pale sand
It is a very popular beach with Turtles when it comes to laying their eggs.
Dalyan Market
The local Saturday market stands out for its fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh farm cheeses, Turkish delight, together with clothes, shoes, DVD's, household goods and much, much more.  Try the homemade Turkish pancakes, made fresh as you wait, as they are delicious.  Villa Scotville is a 10 minute slow walk from where the Dalyan market is held.

If you want to visit a huge market then head for Fethiye.  Every Tuesday from 9am you will find a bustling market in Fethyie with plenty of bargains to be found.
Horse Riding
Dalyan Private Villas can organise horse riding for you in one of the villages close to Dalyan.
Holidays in Dalyan see a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot dry summers and mild wet winters.  The long tourist season runs from April to October, and boasts an average temperature of 26°C.  Located by a stunning river in a green valley, this conservation area is a region of unspolit natural beauty with a stunning beach nearby, and an ideal place in which to relax and enjoy the wonderful hot sunny weather.
Spring comes early to Dalyan and sees temparatures of 15°C, rising to 19°C in May and 23°C in June.  These pleasant days are the ideal time for exploring the area and all its natural glory, and taking advantage of the many sights and attractions nearby.  the height of the summer sees temparatures of around 28°C, with July and August sometimes seeing 30°C and above, and a humidity level of 60%.  During the high season the sun shines for as long as 13 hours a day, and the water temperature can reach 25°C, with most visitors taking advantage of the wonderful beach closeby, enjoying plenty of sunbathing, swimming and water sports.  There is minimal rainfall during the summer and any showers are generally heavy but short, with spring and autumn months being more unpredictable.  The days start to cool off slightly in October, dropping to 23°C, although the temperatures were still higher than this in November in 2023 with little rain.
If you are looking for the current weather in Dalyan, have a look at the holiday weather here, where you can also obtain a 5 day weather forecast for Dalyan.
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